Lorenz's first PhD paper is in review!

Vegetation indices as proxies for spatio-temporal variations in water availability in the Rio Santa valley

Posted by Fabien Maussion on July 19, 2021

The first paper of Lorenz’s PhD is now out for review in the open access and open discussion journal Earth System Dynamics! You can read the manuscript here.

In this study, we use vegetation indices (mostly: NDVI) to see if they can tell us something about local agricultural practices and, most importantly, about climate variability in the region. Started as a “fallback” project, at the moment where everything related to field work was falling apart because of COVID, this study turned out to be very interesting and a perfect fit for the project. We are hoping for constructive reviews! More about the study will be written here when it is (hopefully) published!

A figure from the study - isn’t it beautiful?